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Express Your Passion with our Gold Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings Gold

​Waterdale jewellery's collection of unique engagement rings are simply breathtaking. It is through our passion for handcrafting exclusively detailed and unique engagement ring designs in our very own workshop that we are able to encapsulate the intensity of your romance and timeless love that you have for your partner. Our goal is to share our passion with our valued clients and to create their very own unique gold engagement rings, set with precious gemstones or pearls, guaranteeing that you will wear your ring with pride.
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Timeless Diamond Rings Perfect for Couples

Engagement Diamond Rings Melbourne

​As active and practising Diamond graders and gemologists the talented and highly-skilled team at Waterdale Jewellery know the true value and effect that engagement diamond rings can have. Melbourne residents who are looking for an immaculate and timeless diamond engagement ring can turn to Waterdale Jewellery to design, create and handcrafting a long-lasting and stunning ring that celebrates your commitment and passion to your partner contact us tab.

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Platinum Engagement Rings That Last

Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne

As award-winning and skilled jewellery designers, you can trust Waterdale Jewellery to craft the right ring for you and your partner. Made to last, our attentive and accurate designers and jewellers can create intricate bands and platinum Diamond engagement rings perfect for Melbourne weddings and couples. Whether you are looking for a single engagement ring or you want a matching set of wedding bands Waterdale Jewellery can turn your vision into a reality, contact us today.


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