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Diamond Rings Mean Forever

No other jewel has inspired as many songs, or made as many hearts swoon as the diamond. Whether in the crown of royalty, the designer necklace gracing the neck of a star, or shining on the hand of your betrothed, a diamond is universally eye-catching and elegant.

If you would like to craft a diamond ring for your happily ever after, then look no further than Waterdale Jewellery. We craft jewellery that is utterly unique, because we craft each piece to meet the unique style of the wearer.

We can show you different cuts and settings for your diamond ring, but at the end of the day, we would love to help you design a ring that you won’t see anywhere else. This is the type of jewellery that makes you take a second look every time. The type of jewellery that you will want to wear every day for a lifetime.

Craft a Ring that Makes You Feel Like a Star with Waterdale Jewellery

Dress Up Your Evenings with Diamond Dress Rings

Shine as bright as the stars in the night sky with elegantly crafted diamond dress rings. Whether it’s a gentle speckle of stardust, or a diamond as big as the Ritz, the Waterdale Jewellery team are here to create a diamond dress ring that is everything you could wish for.

With over ninety years of combined experience within the jewellery industry, our family of jewellers, designers, diamond graders, and gemologists would love to work with you to create a ring that’s worthy of becoming an heirloom for your family.

You can dress up any outfit with the perfect statement piece when you design a diamond ring that is perfectly suited to your own unique style.

Our Customer Reviews

Best of the best! Have been going here for a number of years and I won't be going anywhere else. Daniel is the absolute best at the trade!!!


Sotiria Tsirgianis


Great local jeweller. Friendly family business with great designs


Simon Wansink


Quality, reliable, professional, helpful sales and repairs/remodelling. Nothing too small. We're lucky to have you in Ivanhoe. Thank you.


Marie Weiss


I've been gifted a couple of lovely gifts from waterdale jewellers!! The quality is outstanding and my husband says he has always had a great in-store experience!! Hope he has many more (hint!!!)


Victoria Harrington


I used Daniel to remodel my engagement ring and I could not be happier. The ring far exceeded my expectations. Could not recommend this jeweller enough! The ring was designed and made by Daniel and really is a masterpiece. So happy with the quality and service.


Emily Jaksch


Wonderful hand made jewellery by very professional jewellers. Staff are wonderful and friendly. Top notch quality.


Anthony Ryan

Choose the Perfect Setting and Supporting Stones

Craft a Unique Set of Dress Rings

We can craft dress rings that catch the light and reflect it back in a dozen dazzling colours. You may choose to set your diamond dress ring with the supporting coloured gemstones that enhance this effect, or keep the pure brilliance of diamonds alone.

Whether you choose a platinum, silver, or gold setting, we will design the dress ring, or set of dress rings, that you have been dreaming of.

Light up the night and lift any outfit to instant brilliance with utterly unique dress rings that truly tell a story. When you create a piece of jewellery according to your own unique style, you create something that you will be in love with, and love to wear for a lifetime.


Handcrafted Bespoke Diamond Sapphire Ring

Are you looking to add a timeless, handcrafted statement piece to your jewellery collection? Whether you’re looking to create a custom, personalised diamond sapphire ring or looking to purchase a piece from our existing collection, Waterdale Jewellery are here to help you make the right decision.

Give us a call on 03 9497 2188 now to enquire about our timeless diamond sapphire ring pieces.

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