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Found the perfect ring only to discover it doesn’t fit? Whether it’s a family heirloom or a recent gift, when they need professional ring resizing Kew customers turn to Waterdale Jewellery’s skilled team to offer a quick and reliable service to ensure it’s the perfect fit.

Our qualified team take great care throughout the ring adjusting process to prevent any damage that can destroy the value, either financial or sentimental, of the piece. With almost two decades in the business, and 90 years of collective experience among our team, we have the skill and expertise to handle any problem, delivering effective and fast results


The last thing you want when you purchase a beautiful, bespoke piece of jewellery, or are given it for a special occasion, is to worry that it will slip off you finger without you noticing. Gone are the days when you have to choose between making a statement of elegance and style with your jewellery and worrying about losing it.


Our Customer Reviews

Best of the best! Have been going here for a number of years and I wont be going anywhere else. Daniel is the absolute best at the trade!!!


Sotiria Tsirgianis


Great local jeweller. Friendly family business with great designs


Simon Wansink


Quality, reliable, professional, helpful sales and repairs/remodelling. Nothing too small. We're lucky to have you in Ivanhoe.Thank you.


Marie Weiss


I've been gifted a couple of lovely gifts from waterdale jewellers!! The quality is outstanding and my husband says he has always had a great in-store experience!! Hope he has many more (hint hint!!!)


Victoria Harrington


I used Daniel to remodel my engagement ring and I could not be happier. The ring far exceeded my expectations. Could not recommend this jeweller enough! The ring was designed and made by Daniel and really is a masterpiece. So happy with the quality and service.


Emily Jaksch


Wonderful hand made jewellery by very professional jewellers. Staff are wonderful and friendly. Top notch quality.


Anthony Ryan

Ring Resizing Kew

On the other hand wearing a ring that’s a few sizes too small for you finger can be uncomfortable, and potentially lead to health issues. Perhaps you’ve grown and your old jewellery no longer comes off as easily as it used to. Our team can make your old wedding ring or favourite piece of jewellery sit comfortably on your finger, with our services delivered at a competitive price. When it comes to affordable ring resizing Kew residents simply can go past the professional services and solutions from Waterdale Jewellery. For all enquiries call 03 9497 2188.

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